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Despre VIATA…

SPIRITUL LUMII:,,Iata rasplata tuturor necazurilor tale:EXISTI precum exista orice lucru.”
OMUL:,,Dar ce -mi da mie existenta?Daca sunt ocupat,obosesc;daca nu sunt ocupat,ma plictisesc.Cum poti sa imi oferi o astfel de existenta vrednica de mila?”
SPiRITUL LUMII:,,Si cu toate acestea este echivalentul tuturor necazurilor si relelor tale;este ratiunea lor de a exista.”
OMUL:,,Adevarat?Aceasta intrece posibilitatea mea de a intelege.”
SPIRITUL LUMII:,,O stiu(aparte)Sa-i spun, oare,ca pretul vietii e acela de a invata ca nu pretuieste nimic?”



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The Bookpocalypse–What to Do When You Realize Your Story Might Be DEAD

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Since I am dedicating this week to the apocalypse to support my friend, Piper Bayard, I thought we’d take a day to look at the Bookpocalypse. What IS a Bookpocalypse? The Bookpocalypse is when you realize that first book you’ve been working, reworking, taking to critique, etc. is a train wreck and, for all intents and purposes, unsalvageable.

I went through this, too. Back in the 90s, when I began my tome, I mistakenly believed that making As in English naturally qualified me to be a best-selling author.

Yeah, um. NO.

And there comes that point that we need to be honest why our book is being rejected (or, in the new paradigm, not selling). This can be a very depressing low for any artist. I still remember the day it dawned on me my first book was mess and it was time to pull the plug. This is…

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